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'Classic Collection' Of Freeware For 3a / 3c / 3mx

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New Programs
Encrypt File Utils On-the-fly encryption of any data files
QCalc Apps Superb advanced scientific calculator with WYSIWIG graphical interface (also does matrices)
BigSheep Utils Conversions, Date Calcs, Battery status, Alarms, stopwatch....... and more
ZXEmul Games Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator (untested)

Psi Mapper GB* Mapping and geographical database of Great Britain. Free Reg #s from authors webpage. S Litchfield
Psi Mapper London* Maps and Info for Greater London. Free Reg # from authors webpage. S Litchfield
Psi Mapper Ireland* Maps and geographical database of Ireland. Free reg# from authors webpage.(untested) S Litchfield
Psi Mapper France* Mapping and geographical database of France. Free reg # frm authors webpage. (untested) S Litchfield
Calc3a Graphical, scientific and programmable calculator R Schmidt
Compass Solar Compass program - use your Psion as a compass M Rudin
EMailIt Freeware email program M Richardson
Procyon* The universe in your pocket. Astronomy program - planetarium. Free registration from authors website. J Sussenbach
RailUK Pictorial UK Train-spotting database A Wymann
Contact Edge (v4.6) Contacts Manager. Old Manual in separate file. ABosch
ETxtRead Fast electonic text (etext) reader P Muys
Graph+ Graph drawing application. French / English menus A Weil
JBData Database Program with List view and good searching ability J Boyce
RoadTrip Route 'dictating' program - electronic back seat driver ! P Bowlay

Money Apps
MyCar Car statistics analyser. Free Registration - Name: Ad Bosch Reg#: Bedi A Bosch
Stox13 Simple but effective share tracking program (free registration) L Barton
PsiBank Comprehensive and effective freeware bank account program A vd Geeson

W2 Graphical clock showing night and day moving over a map of the world - for radio hams and fun ! J McAleely
ConVert *Very* good units conversion program D Howrad-Jones
JBActive System utlity / Task swapping J Boyce
PsiON "Intelligent" password manager (checks password once a day) P Hargreaves
MacSys Sophisticated macro handling program T Dolbolin
ASCII Beautiful little utility to help you insert any ASCII charecter in your docs B Breede
JBResetm Reclaims lost memory - sometimes surprising how much this is J Boyce

File Utility
3T Small and Fast File Manager R Muggleton
JBFind Does global searches for data across drives or whole machine J Boyce
JBTree File Manager with Hex Editor J Boyce

AgendaDump Search / extract data in your agenda. Many configuration options S Pooley
Facsman Facilities timetabling (like a write-on wall chart). Free reg from author's website G Bainbridge
PhunTime Work time logger /recorder v2.1e P Hunkeler
QAlarm Sets up easy to access (one keypress), commonly used alarms B Breede
Stopwatch Stopwatch with multiple laptimers S Pooley

PIC Apps
Iconeda Psion icon editor / creator ---
AddBit PIC file viewer / manipulator R Sprenger

COD Castle Of Death. Similar to Nethack or Moria on the PC R Capper et al
Bricks Classic breakout type game. reg# from authors website D Presscot
Castle 2 Nethack type game reg# from author's website D Presscot
Solitaire Good (best) collection of solitaire card games A Giddings
Rockfall Nice game with level editor P Creed
Reaction Excellent strategy game - includes level editor A Dawes
Tetrums Tetris and Columns all in one game P Creed
TileFall Frustrating strategy game - cousin of Tetris A Dawes
Cribbage The card game Z Ball
Greedy Monopoly Clone F Botton
Mille Bornes Nice Card Game F Botton

PC Utility
Emulators* Psion 5, 3a and Siena Emulators for the PC Psion
PCAgenda* PC based agenda. Handles agenda files on your PC ---
PsiWin v1.1* Probably the best file transfer / backup utility for the series 3 ....
PsiWin v2.1* If you're still using v1 and have win95 try this - integrates nicely with explorer and has a few more file conversions (but I don't find it as stable) (note - PSIWIN v2.1 works with BOTH series 3 and series 5 machines) Psion