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Bank Account Programs For Psion 3a / 3c / 3mx

Bank account management / reconciliation is much easier on a Psion than a PC, simply because the machine and therefore, the exact state of your account is always with you. One of these programs should do the job nicely. EasyBank is a spreadsheet and provides very simple reconciling for 2 accounts. Accounts and PCash are simple and Freeware. Bankmgr adds direct debits to a basic transaction logger. BankPlus is fast and easy to use, DPBank slightly more complex and RMRBank does everything you could possibly need (although rather slowly at times). If not, Psion Money is very flexible and fast, if a little expensive. However, PsiBank is freeware, very good and will probably be all you need for personal accounts. If you want to integrate with quicken on a PC, QuikCalc is very good.

Program Cost Author Score
FastBank Freeware --- ***
Bankmgr Freeware P Bister ***
PCash Freeware J Linn ***
QuikCalc Freeware (reg # qcbygo) GBSoftware ****
PsiBank Freeware A vd Geeson *****
Accounts Freeware K Baker ***
EasyBank Freeware --- **
DPBank Shareware £10 Daniel Pfund ****
RMRBank* Shareware £20 Alan Richey *****
BankPlus Shareware £8 P Sipple ****
Psion Money Commercial £50 Psion *****