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Download ALL my utilities - DBUTILS.ZIP(24k)

SCRAB Screenshot SCRAB

Download SCRAB (2.8k)

This is a useful little enhancement to the Psion's built in screen grab command. Anyone publishing Psion web pages or preparing Psion articles will find it useful. Once SCRAB is running, a filename dialog will pop up each time you make a screen grab, allowing you to give the grab any name you like.

fileview v1.5 screenshot Fileview v1.7 - larger font, text mode:

fileview v1.5 (binary mode) screenshot Fileview v1.7 - smaller font, binary mode:


Download FILEVIEW v1.7 (2.9k)

This is a small and slick file viewer. Written to be used as a 'Utility' add-on to the 3c files application; it also makes a good stand alone file viewer or an add-on to other file managers. Three viewing modes; Text, binary and Psion PIC. Will 'autodetect' the type of file given to it.

Fileview v1.7 incorporates more suggestions from other Psion users, ability to set font size before the viewing starts and to over-ride the auto-detected viewing mode.

cacheman screenshot CACHEMAN

Download CACHEMAN (3.5k)

Cacheman is an application written to save you money. It assists in dumping the Psion Mail Internet WWW Cache into a convenient directory, with decent filenames for all the dumped cache files. This saves you the trouble of deciding what to save whilst you are on line. It helps make the PMI WWW Browser more of an off-line viewer.


Download Chimer (13k)

Simple little 'aural' clock or periodic chimes program. With the aural clock you start the program before going to sleep. When you want to know the time you press (ON) twice and it chimes the time to you in one of a number of sounds (e.g. three blips followed by four blips for 03:40). I've tried to create unobtrusive, soft sounds which don't disturb others - create your own sounds if you think you can do better.

Chimer also gives a "background chime" similar to your grandparents' mantle or wall clock. The interval between chimes and sound are configurable. What's the point ? When you're doing something else, it helps you appreciate the rate of passing time without keeping looking up at the clock.

MCALC Screenshot MCALC

Download MCALC (2.1k)

MCALC is a simple interest only U.K. mortgage calculator. It allows you to enter and compare up to ten different loan scenarios on screen at once.