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Sound-Memo Recording on a Psion 3a / 3c / 3mx

This is something that may be very useful to you or completely pointless. Anyway, it's worth a go! The idea is you pick up the psion, press a button and start talking. A bit like Jotter or Quiknote but no need to bother with typing. Incidentally, the series 5 does this very nicely thanks to the external access to a record button. The best way to set these programs up on the series 3 is to assign them to the jotter button on a 3c or maybe the sheet button on a 3a. For quick startup, they need to be left running in the background. They're probably only viable on 1 or 2 Mb machines because i) the program needs to be left running and ii) the sound files generated can be pretty big.

Program Cost Author Score
ChatterLite Shareware £10 G Belcher ***
Chatter Shareware £20 G Belcher ****
MemoRec Freeware Arnaud Weil ***
Memovoc Shareware I£22.50 David Joyce ****
Power Up Recorder (PUR) Shareware DM20 Brendan Breede *****
VoiceJot Shareware $10 Tyler Thueson ****