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Time Management Programs For Psion 3a / 3c / 3mx

With a bit of ingenuity the Agenda application (with it's todo lists) is quite effective for time management. But, once you start working on 'project management', using Agenda can become a bit of a kludge. Fortunately there are some very good time management shareware programs.

These programs approach time/project management in fundamentaly different ways. To start with, you should have a good idea of how you will approach the problem (ToDo Lists, Outlines, Nested notes, Wall Planner, Flow Diagram, Mindmap, GANTT, PERT etc.) and knowing this should help you pick the correct program from the list. Mostly shareware, I'm afraid, but very reasonably priced considering how useful they are and at least you can try them out before paying.

Program Approach to Problem Cost
VacTrac Nice freeware electronic wipe on / wipe off planner for staff holiday tracking Freeware
List Maker Multiple Lists keeper Freeware
Topix Nested (tree like) notes with ability to attach other applications (and associated document) to each line. Similar to a sophisticated outline in word processors. Psion version of PCOutline Shareware $??
S3aTask Sophisticated ToDo Lists with alarms Shareware $15
FacsMan Similar to a large, zoomable writeon / wipe off wall planner. Electronic version of a wall planner. Free Registration from Author's website. Freeware
Vacation Another, more basic, electronic write on / wipe off wall planner Shareware £15
Notepad DeLux* Nested notes with attached applications, files and alarms. Project viewer built in and lots of add-ons. Very flexible interface. Commercial £40
Titch Free-form jotter /doodler / mindmap creator with hyperlinks to associated documents. Good for brainstorming, mindmaps and situations where you produce, or need, a non-linear or less structured list of notes or tasks. Shareware £12
ProPoc Light* Project Management with PERT, GANTT, Resource management.Cost analyses and alarms. Shareware $35
ProPocProf* Project Management as above with many extras - bottleneck analysis, cashflow analysis etc etc Shareware $50
Plan Full project management with Task, PERT, GANTT, Holiday and Resource management etc. Shareware $25
Agenda Don't forget Agenda. It's built in (and free !) - Diary / ToDo lists / Alarms Free