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Transferring and Installing Files On Your Psion

I'm sorry this is a bit long winded but there's quite a lot to be said ! Instructions relate to transfering from Windows / DOS machines. I'll try to include some MAC / Arch / Linux specific instructions soon.

To transfer programs to your Psion you will need:

Transfering Hardware

You will need one of these:

Transfering Software

You will need one of these:

Tips Relating To File Transfer

What To Do With ZIP files

Most of the programs in this archive come as ZIP files. These are compressed (zipped) and need to be uncompressed (unzipped) before using them. This may either be done with your PC (before copying the files over to your Psion) or with your psion (after copying the files over to your Psion).

If you haven't got a program on your PC for this you should go to and download one of the many freeware or shareware programs that deal with ZIP files.

If you wish to do all the unzipping on your Psion (and in many ways this is easier) your best bet is to get a copy of  the shareware program RMRZip from RMRSoftware. There is a freeware alternative on my Bitty pages but, to be honest your better off paying for RMRZip - it's a lot easier to use.

Once unzipped you will almost always find a readme.txt file or a Psion word file explaining how to install the program. In outline, this will usually involve copying the program file ( or something.opa) to an \APP directory on one of the drives on your Psion. There will often be a need to create some other directories and copy various files into them. Some programs assume you will only install them to the internal drive of your psion and won't work if installed on a removeable drive.

The Final Step

Once copied onto your Psion there is still one more step before the installation is complete. Go to the the system screen- the one with all the icons and filenames on it (like agenda, word, data etc). Move the cursor to where you want the programs icon to appear and press <Psion>-<I>. You will then get a file selecting dialog. Navigate to the or something.opa file you want installed and press <ENTER> and your done!