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How To Make A 3c From A 3a

As long as communication speed isn't a concern for you, there is very little difference between the 3a and 3c / 3mx. The most useful improvements in the 3c / 3mx are a few software tweaks. You can make the necessary software tweaks to your 3a by picking one of the freeware or shareware programs from this table - which, in many cases, gives you better than the built in 3c versions. Which ones did I use on my 3a? JBData, ThreeT, BusyView and Fastnote. Which ones do I still use on my 3c? JBData, BusyView and Fastnote.

Built In Program Replacements Cost Author Score
Files ThreeT Freeware Roger Muggleton *****
PsiFile Freeware Arnoud vd Giesson ****
Filer Freeware J Bermann ***
JBTree Freeware John Boyce ****
Filer Shareware $30 T Nemec *****
X3Tree Shareware £10 Richard Wakelin ****
Agenda BusyView BusyView Shareware $25 Lieuwe de Vries *****
JAM Shareware £12.50 Martin Sturgess ***
MonthVu Shareware £15 C.E. Stewart Dewar ***
Jotter QuikNote Shareware £10 C.E. Stewart Dewar *****
Jot3a Shareware $12 M Warner ****
Notepad Freeware I Chapple ****
Note3a Freeware M Birch ***
List Freeware BrainDrain **
Fastnote Freeware PelicanSoft ****
1k-Pad Freeware J-Y Pontailler**
Memopad Shareware £6.50 T Bonsall ****
Quiknote (again!) Freeware A Baldwin ***
Stikka Freeware Carl Littlejohns ****
Sound Wavemod Freeware Dylan Cuthbert ***
Sound Freeware Micro Cheng **
Data JBData Freeware John Boyce *****