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Psion Freeware Resources

PocetInfo Large collection of free databases and spreadsheets for Psions

Project Guthenberg Etexts for EtxtRead or Reader

IPL (Internet Public Library) More etexts for EtxtRead or Reader

3 - Lib The best source of psion info. and programs

Filegrabber Lots of freeware files

Psion Freeware Authors

Graham Parks Freeware Author

John Boyce Freeware author

Jeroen Kamphoff Freeware author

PFM Website More psion freeware programs

Jochen Siegenthaler Useful pages dedicated to getting on line with Psions and unzip.img

red ballOther Useful Psion Links

Clove Technology Excellent, knowledgable and helpful Psion hardware and software supplier

Steuart Deuar (Pimlico Software) Author of Quiknote, MonthVu and other shareware utlilities Psion info, links and software CD

BioEddie's Psion PagesLoads of good Psion info, including an excellent history of their machines

Useful PC Freeware & Shareware Links

Star Office Button

Star Office Complete free software suite - Word processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Browser, HTML Editor, Presentations, EMail, Newsgroup reader, Scheduling, Drawing, Graphics editor, Equation editor ..... everything ? All this as long as you can stand the download ! (Freeware)

opera pic

Opera Fast, small, stable browser - big improvement on the big 2 (Shareware)

DiDa! Freeware HTML Editor incorporating WYSIWIG Web Page Viewer for PC (Freeware)

Winfiles pic Win 95/98/NT/CE tips, Info , drivers, fixes etc

download pic

Download.Com Large PC free and shareware library

nonags pic

No Nags PC Freeware Loads of PC Freeware

freewarehome pic

FreewareHome Another PC Freeware Library

freeware32 pic

Freeware32 Windows Freeware and tips Library

freewareweb pic

FreewareWeb Yet another library

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