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'Bitty Collection' Of Freeware For 3a / 3c / 3mx

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New Programs
PacLamb Games Pacman like game
SheepXtr Utils Single app of utils (Stopwatch, Battery,Task etc) and games (Tetris, Piano, Othello etc)
nfsc Apps VT100 terminal program
Psidice Game Dice casting simulator (ver 2)
FVT Apps A free VT100 program
Fastbank Money Bank account management
Solun Apps Astronomy - Planetarium program (update)

Collections Collection managers - Books, ClassicalMusic, CDs Check Ad Bosch's Pages for free reg #
Atmos Atmospheric pressure / altitude converting program
Beat Metronome Application
BikLog Bicycle ride logging program
CallChan For bell ringers - experiment with different patterns
Collegue Office staff database and dialer
Periodic Graphical periodic table presentation
Callsman For logging calls and job done. Can be customised to suit your particular job
DeGrads Convert degrees Radians grads
EMailIt Freeware e-mail program !
Iching Far East wisdom
lifeguide Bible quotations for life's problems
Listm List making / organising program
Factors Find the prime factors of a number
Fit4Life Exercise / fitness companion program
FontEdit Create your own fonts - just like Fontasy in the good old days on my PC
Freeward To help Junior Doctors track their patients - Paper pad probably easier to use !
Fr/Eng Dico3 French English Dictionary
FreqGen Plays requested frequency (note)
Graphplot Graph Plotting Program
KGene Genealogy (family tree) software
Memorec Clever little voice memo recorder - runs in background
Ocean2 European ? tide prediction. Can add parameters for your local port / beach
Play110f Play a wav file
Ratic Quadratic equation solver
Revtran OPL Reverse translator - most programs are protected against the use of this program.
Reversemenot Interferes with Revtran's diasembly of your programs
SafeOPL Protect OPL programs against Revtran
Scuba Scuba diving assistance program - decompression time and logbook
Solun Astronomy - Planetarium program
SheepGph Graph drawing application
StarTrak Star position databasefor amateur astronomers. Manual on authors website.
Stats Statistics calculations
Tide98 Tide prediction program
Trips3a Car trip / expenses logger
Trivia Useful miscellaneous information on hand on your Psion
Vital Useful miscellaneous information on hand on your Psion
BaseCalc Hex/Dec/Bin Calculator (with RPN calculation), for programmers
Slide Run slide presentations on your Psion (using PIC +/- WVE files)
Subway Calculates routes on London underground
TVSched Application to log all your TV Viewing and set alarms so you don't miss ......sad.
Grapher Graph /equation plotting program (Note - you need to create a \GRAPHER directory on your internal disk)

Money Apps
QuikCalc Transaction logger / Bank accounts esp for Quiken users Free Reg # qcbygo
MCalc UK interest only mortgage calculator
CxCalc Quick currency conversion
DclFuel Car fuel consumption monitor (free registration)
EuroConv Currency conversion
Euro Small Euro conversion program (OPO)
Bankmgr Bank account statement mimicking program
Shares Spreadsheat for tracking share values
EasyExp Expense tracking spreadsheet
Fuel Monitor Car fuel / economy tracking program (free registration)
Travel Expense Helps in tracking travel expenses
FinCalc Small program with useful financial calculations
PCash Helps track your cash / expenses
RPI Check whether prices you pay are only rising with inflation
Tracker Investment tracker - free registration
Currency Currency conversion. Idiosyncratic but functional
CarCalc Trip / fuel expenses logger
CurrencyCalc Exchange / loan / investment / VAT calculator
EasyBank Spreadsheet for tracking / reconciling 2 bank accounts

3-in-1 Alarm manipulation - avoid missed alarms, go to todays agenda on switch on.
TimeOff Sets a series of timers -no need to cancel each one as it goes off
MemoFind Search agenda files (including memos) for lost text and entries
Time Assist Multiple, concurrent timers and stopwatch
BigTime3 LARGE on screen clock
MillClock Counts down to the millenium - for the paranoid ?
Sclock Simple speaking clock
SayTime Simple speaking clock
Calendar Speedy diary application (Agenda Lite); for those who don't need the power of Agenda
Chimer Background chimes or Night-time aural clock
Clock12a Large onscreen clock with alarms
CodeCalc Time code calculator for TV / Film
FlWorld World Time / multiple cities / daylight / sunset and rise etc etc
hol3 Inserts annual holidays into agenda
Itime Displays strange new Swatch inspired time standard (untested)
JBNag Goes straight to todays agenda page the first time you turn on each day
SetClock Set Psion clock from PC or vice versa
SheepCal Anniversary and holiday dates viewer
TSheet For recording work / time spent on a job
Timekeep LARGE on screen clock, Alarm and work/job time logger - integrates with Sheet
Timer Countdown timer - audible or visible indication
VacTrac Electronic wipe on wipe off wall planner
WldTime View multiple cities' time on one screen
ChessClock A Chess Clock !

File Utility
TextView File Viewer - especially for long text documents
XCrypt Encrypt Text Files
JBDupes Find duplicate files
Unzip.img Unzip program.Documentation
Unzip.opa Front end for unzip.img.Documentation
Cacheman Small app to help analyse your PMI web browser cache. Helps you work off-line.
CmdP Command line interface (like DOS). Documentation in separate file.
PieDir File manager with Pie charts of directory usage
PsiDos Yet another DOS command line emulator
PsiFile Yet another perfectly good file manager.
Shell25 Command Line Interface (like DOS)
Shell3 Command line interface (sim to Unix or DOS)
FileView Stand alone or '3c Files' add-on, file viewer (handles PIC, text and binary files)
Filer Small file manager
KodToto Encrypt files (French program)
Undelete Undelete utility for flash disks - only 6k and just may be useful sometime
HexEd Stand alone Series 3 (classic) hex editor (BIG screen fonts)

Charm OPO and Macro - to insert obscure or foreign charecters
Pason4c Password managing utility
JBatt Battery monitor with live graph of mA
APhone Makes it easier to interrogate your ansaphone when away
CCard Checks possible validity of credit card numbers
GBatt Graphical battery monitor - counts down time left with current batteries
Phunjump Task switcher (v 1.2)
Datasum Useful utility to sum fields in a database. eg The 'Value' field in a house inventory database
Char Charecter map program
CnVert Unit Conversion Program
Converti Units conversion. Slightly odd, but valid, interface.
InfoWin 'Pretty' system info utility
List Another (basic) 'jotter' replacement
FlCalc Programmers HEX calcilator
Install Sets up your system screen and automatically re-installs your applications after a reset
AllCalc Units Conversion program
PerCalc Allows repeated % caclulations (eg discount, VAT, profit etc)
PlayIt Keeps repeating a wve file according to preferences set
PsiLink Turn link off and on according to mains/battery use - saves batteries
Ruler Display an inches /centimeter ruler on your Psion screen
Sarcon Reset all your system settings easily after a reset
SetFont Changes your system font
Sound Basic sound editor
Spell3a Gives a 3a/c front end to Psion's spell checker addon
T3MDB Read Palmpilot MobileDB Files (untested)
T3IMG Read Palmpilot Image Files (untested)
JBLaunch Allows more than 50 apps to be installed at one time.
JBSort Sort database files (esp for 3a users)
Cnvert Small units conversion utility
KMac091 Macro program - automates tasks on the psion
Label Small app to help addresss and print labels from your database
Fastnote Quick note taking utility -like jotter
Note3a Quick note taking utility - like jotter
Notepad Quick note taking utility - like jotter
QNote Quick note taking utility - like jotter
Stikka Quick note taking utility - like jotter
TurnOn Plays a sound file at turn on
JBBLite Gives more flexible control of 3c backlight auto off time

PIC Apps
Drawbit Basic drawing program
Browse Another perfectly good PIC file browser
Catalogue PIC file browser
PicGrab Effective but memory hungry PIC grab renamer
Underground Just a London underground map in a PIC file.
ChemDraw Chemical symbols / formulae orientated drawing program
Gallery Picture presenting program - for manual slide shows ?
StereoVu Program to generate and view those stereo 3D pictures.
EngIcons Collection of icons
IconEd Icon editor
IfsPaint Freeware fractal generator (FractInt for the Psion)
FirePic Psion PIC viewer and PCX converter
Eikon Idiosyncratic icon editor
Scrab Screen grab renamer - minimal memory requirements - wonderful !
Icons Collection of nice icons
Viewer Pelican Software's PIC file viewer
TDraw Small and fast drawing package

Yahtzee As in dice game
OsAndXs Noughts and Crosses or TicTacToe
Bio Biorythms
BSRI Personality tester
ChessRec Chess game recording program
Columns Match up falling symbols
Doshido Nice dominoes game
Funfzehn A solitaire card game
Lostin3D Find your way round a maze
GMind Mastermind game
Woggle Word game
Yam Yet another mine sweeper
Mastermind Mastermind (logic game)
Shove Sliding box game
Strangeways Simple infocom style game
Jumpy Very good platform game for original Series 3 - still OK on 3a/3c
Rendevouz Infocom style game
Landmine Another Minesweeper
Russian Russian Roulette
SheepExtras Single app of utils (Stopwatch, Battery,Task etc) and games (Tetris, Piano, Othello etc)
Swap Little game - watch the object under the 'beakers' as they are swapped around
SheepTetris Tetris type game
SheepBox Box pushing game
SheepPiano Small piano simulator
Trilax Challenging logic game. Very good.
Psionopoly Apparently a Monopoly game (I haven't tried it)
Hangman Yes, hangman ! Not a bad implementation either
Hang2 Hangman
Castle Another nethack type game
Bomz Another perfectly good minesweeper
Life One of those organic growing things
Pipe3a Similar to PC Pipemania game
PsiaLife One of those evolving cellular population programs
Oxo3D 3D Os and Xs (or 3D Ticktacktoe)
Robots Basic avoid the chasing robots game
Morace Avoid the ghosts & eat the food . . . familiar ?
Lotto Self explanatory
Mirror Jigsaw game
Magic Clever little magic trick
M_mind mastermind type game
OandX Guess What ? noughts and crosses
Pac-Lamb Very good pacman-like game
Pong A classic paddles game circa 1978 (as far as I remember !)
Psiboman Freeware platform game (but still appears to be a demo ?)
Reset Button pressing logic game
Blitz Bomb the buildings before you crash into them
Klondike Card game
Blackjack Card game
Orbitel A collect the gems before you get zapped game
Mine Sweeper Minesweeper !
Piano Little 'Stylophone' program
PsiMan Odd game - series 3classic
Puff A German Backgammon variant; nice game
Reflex Frustrating light beam and mirror manipulating game
Snail Simple snail racing game
Triples A solitaire card game
TScreen Create a touchscreen on a series 3 (Yes, it does belong in games)
Spiral A dice and board game
Solipeg Solitaire game
Assassin Shoot holes in a pic file ... why ?!!
Dungeons Game of Nethack or Moria type
Wari Good strategy game - move and capture counters
WordFind Wordsearch creator
FreeCell Card game as in Win95
Slugs Get the slugs game
Squares A version of the pen & paper 'squares' game
Solitaire Solitaire !

PC Utilities

PsiUtil Front end for the PC conversion utilities
DbfTxt Convert delimited TXT files to Psion data files and vice versa
PICVu10 View Psion PIC files on a PC
S3aTran PC based opl compiler
WRD2TXT Convert psion WRD files to TXT files
WSPCX convert PCX files to Psion PIC files and viceversa
WVE2WAV Convert Psion WVE to PC WAV files
WaveConv Convert PC WAV to Psion WVE files