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Freeware For The Original Series 3 'classic'

These are freeware programs written for the original (smaller screen) Psion Series 3. These programs may also run on the series 3a and above, but with jaggy text and graphics. However, warnings about backing up data before using them are even more pertinent than with 3a/c/mx programs.

Note: I have not tested or reviewed many of these programs. Descriptions only come from the authors notes. There are two sections; applications and games. Just a long list for now.

Applications and Utilities

Agendax Agenda replacement ?

Alias1 creates groups of  files on system screen

Asbico ASCII / binary convertor

Bank Bank account manager

CarCost Car expense and mileage tracking program

FndFile Find files

Grab Screen grabber ??

Graph212 Graph plotting

GrpUtils Group programs on system screen

Hexed File hex editor

Iconedit Icon editor

MCalc11 Expense / Bank account manager

PAM Personal accounts manager

Pay calculate pay and overtime

Priority For priorotised lists

S3vgif view GIFs on series 3

S3Info Free memory data

S3Spy Obscure system data

Scapt Screen dumps to PC in pcx format

Stopw104 Stopwatch

Tree202 File manager

TextVw11 TextView - Text viewer

Viewer2  Graphic viewing program


Artillry  Game

Bio3 Biorythms

Boredom ??

Frac Hopalong type graphics

Hang11 Hangman

Jumpy Excellent platform game

Kapara game

Mines32 Minesweeper

Oxo Noughts and Crosses (TicTacToe)

PianoS3 Stylophone ?

PsiMan Strange game

S3Poker Game

Snake Snake steering game

Solitair Card game

Yahtzee Dice game