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Updated June 2004



Welcome to the Psion 3 Freeware Pages. This archive provides a one stop, easy access to freeware programs for the Psion series 3, series 3a, series 3c and series 3mx palmtop computers.

If you think this all looks a bit familiar, it probably is. These are the pages I have maintained since 1998 that were erratically down for most of 2002. I hope this new domain and server will prove to be more reliable than it's predecessor and that I wont have to move them again.

Since Psion stopped producing these PDAs, updates to the site have become infrequent as I only occasionaly find a piece of software that has been changed to freeware. However, there is a very large collection of useful software here that is worth keeping together.

In the Classics, Bitty and Series 3 sections there are over 300 genuine Freeware programs available for download. In the Missing Apps section are a few pages covering the available freeware, shareware and commercial programs in categories that I feel should have been built into the Psion in the first place.

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